Thursday, August 9, 2012

God You Jerk...

Could you imagine getting mad at God and calling him that?

I bet by the title you are going what in the world! Uh oh!! This is gonna be a doozy. But really I just had an AH HA moment. Have you ever have those moments? I have them all too often. But, that’s a good thing because that means I’m constantly realizing something new. Sometimes I’m stoked about the realization and other times… Well, I give God the raised eyebrow look of … Really? (-__^)

I’m sometimes quick to make a decision and other times it takes me forever. I’ve noticed that most of my quick decisions come when I’m mad or upset. Well we all know that rash decisions aren’t always the best ones (trust me I know this from experience). I think we often tend to lash back when we hear something that is true but we are not ready or don’t want to hear it. We will make up excuses as to why we are mad, find reasons to justify our anger, and look for those who will support our anger. Very rarely can we deal with the facts and just the facts alone because as humans our personal viewpoints, emotions, and perceptions get in the way.

I know I’ve ended a friendship, relationship, and/or conversations many times because someone “ticked” me off and never thought back. Other than to reassure myself that they were a Jerk and didn’t deserve my breath much less my time I didn’t think or act like they existed from that point forward (harsh huh? You don’t even know the half of it). But, that’s how I felt. I don’t like it when people tell me something I don’t agree with, I don’t like being told I’m wrong, and I surely won’t put up with someone treating me in a way I don’t approve of. Notice I never said that what I wasn’t agreeing with wasn’t right, that I wasn’t wrong, and how I was treated was wrong. Here comes the AH HA moment.

As I’ve grown in my faith as a Christian I realized that God has told me many times that he didn’t agree with my choices, he tells me constantly I’m wrong, and treats me like no one ever has. So l guess according to my pervious ways of dealing with this means I need to call God a jerk, stop wasting my breath/time on him, and most definitely I can’t say that he exists. If I did do that I’m sure that I’d hear something similar to what my brother would say and it would be something like this… “Well now that was a real SWIFT move!” Could you imagine me or even you doing that to God.. Oh H… No!

My point exactly! But as Christians we do it all the time. God puts people in our lives that to tell us things he doesn’t like, things that are true, and to help point out the error in our choices. If we go against them we go against him. So in reality we are doing these things to him. Now I’m not saying we will always smile and be happy when we realize there are things we need to work on or change (quite frankly I hate being anything less than perfect at all times.. LOL). But, we can choose how we react, we can choose to forgive, and we can choose to not be stubborn/hardheaded (boy can I be those at times). And most of all we can chose not to have it our way and trust in God because his way ultimately is best. Not to mention he's always right and HE is the perfect one ;-)

So before you go and call the next person a Jerk because he or she thinks you are being a bit harsh, thinks that you could have been nicer, or simply suggests something you think is off the wall. Stop and really think about it. Is this something God might be asking YOU to change through them? Would you call God a Jerk if he was telling, suggesting, or making you see the same?

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