Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Life & Celiac

Imagine being told that if you continue to consume thing such as wheat, rye, oats, barley, bran, dairy, eggs, and corn there is a huge possibility that these will one day be the end of you. OUCH!!! Really did it have to be that drastic? Well for me it was. 5 consecutive years and a life time of medical issues and misdiagnosis (ranging from Lupus, Krones disease, IBS, Severe Inflammatory disorder, various cancers, etc.,) finally lead to the diagnosis of Celiac Disease and a dairy, egg, and corn allergy.
Now granted I did have cervical cancer which I’ve been rid of for the last 11 years… Whoop, Whoop!! But even after beating cancer, I still didn’t feel good. Ever since I could remember I was very sensitive to certain things and was labeled the “complicated” or “picky” one.

My skin was overly sensitive; my stomach ached for what seemed to be no reason at all always. And I could be fine one second and deathly sick the next without any explanation. It got to a point that those closest to me were used to it and just didn’t make a big deal about it anymore while those who weren’t often felt uncomfortable, embarrassed, or simply did not have the ability to deal with it.

Then after my son was born I started noticing him having some of the same issues. His were not so severe but he had a ton of stomach issues and too would be fine one second and doubled over in pain the next. We found out later that he was gluten intolerant. Although not full blown Celiac, eliminating wheat, rye, barley, and bran from his diet was life changing for him.

I’ve now been gluten free for 3 years and so has my son. I just recently was diagnosed with an additional dairy, egg, and corn allergy. So you can imagine I needed a day to pout a bit and stop giving God the "are you serious" look. However, I have to say that having this has truly been a blessing in disquise(I know you are probably thinking.. ok the lack of gluten and the other stuff has killed her brain cells).

But, seriously I've learned more about nutrition, cooking, and healthy eating over the last few years than anything. It's also greatly increased my love for cooking especially after trying some of the so called "gluten free" store brands.. eeeeeeeccccck!!! Some of that shouldn't be allowed to be sold. I've also had to learn to plan ahead and lots of patience. So God knew what he was doing ;-) Because he and I both know I needed to be schoold in both.. LOL

As a result I’ve never felt better and still can’t believe that FOOD is what can cause so much misery and pain. So, now I’m committed to learning and educating others out there through recipes, ramblings, and DIY tips & tricks.

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